Who we are


The ISOLÆ project was born from the life stories of a woman and her family. Alessandra is a doctor who has decided to combine the precious knowledge of Venetian craftsmanship, her hometown, with her love for animals. ISOLÆ is the result of the intersection of experiences that brought Alessandra back to Venice and, in particular, to the Murano furnaces to find a precious object where her four-legged friend, Isola, could rest. The meeting with Franco, a master glassmaker, gave shape and substance to what until then seemed to be just an idea. Alessandra's family participated with care and love in the creation process: the daughters, Ottavia and Matilde, and her husband, Jacopo. Thus the ambitious project of the Venetian doctor took shape: to give beauty to such a tragic and painful event.


Since 1979 Franco has been carrying out the restoration of the stained glass windows and wooden supports at the same time. He creates stained glass from scratch, using blown, opalescent, colorescent glass, in accordance with the best tradition.

In 1994 he began a stimulating collaboration with the best known and most established masters of Murano. He inserts cotizzi, semi-finished products, drops and pearls into his windows which are melted or ground in order to give the window the maximum possible three-dimensionality. Then he combines glass with unusual materials such as wood, fabric, copper, agate, gold and silver foil, trying to add something personal to a thousand-year-old art.

The attention and dedication of our master has led to the creation of urns of refined beauty and extraordinary craftsmanship.

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